Clean & Clear

  Non Staining

  Prevents Rust &

  Impervious To Water
      & Saltwater

  Extends Equipment

  Reduces Maintenance

  Food Grade

  Drinking Water Safe

  Wide Operating
      Temperature Range

Super Lube® Super Pull Compound

Super Lube® SuperPull Compound is an aqueous polymeric gel with PTFE. It is a translucent fluid compound that has an extremely low coefficient of friction, will not burn, and can be used in temperatures from -15°F to 220°F.

It is compatible with LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, PVC, Neoprene and Polyurethane cable jacketing materials used in the manufacture of power, telephone and fiber optic cable.

Super Lube Super Pull Compound is available in the following size:

80320 1 Quart $22.04
80010 1 Gallon $76.39 Out of Stock
80050 5 Gallon $340.44 Out of Stock


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