Clean & Clear

  Non Staining

  Prevents Rust &

  Impervious To Water
      & Saltwater

  Extends Equipment

  Reduces Maintenance

  Food Grade

  Drinking Water Safe

  Wide Operating
      Temperature Range

Syncopen Synthetic Penetrant Aerosol

Super Lube® Syncopen Synthetic Penetrant Aerosol is a super fast-acting, penetrating, synthetic oil that cuts through rust or corrosion. Syncopen penetrates hard to reach areas to allow easy removal of rusted and corroded screws, nuts or bolts. Syncopen penetrates, lubricates and leaves a protective film to help prevent future rusting or corrosion.

Super Lube® Syncopen Synthetic Penetrant Aerosol is available in the following size:

85011 11 oz Aerosol $21.08


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