Clean & Clear

  Non Staining

  Prevents Rust &

  Impervious To Water
      & Saltwater

  Extends Equipment

  Reduces Maintenance

  Food Grade

  Drinking Water Safe

  Wide Operating
      Temperature Range

Super Lube® Synthetic Grease, Oil & Aerosol Lubricants:

Super Lube® synthetic lubricants succeed where conventional products fail, working harder and provide
long lasting protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion.

Our line of Super Lube® Synthetic lubricants decrease downtime and extend equipment life while ensuring
cost-effective and trouble free maintenance.

Super Lube® Grease vs Lithium Grease
 After 6,000 Hours of Use
Super Lube® Multi Purpose Grease Petrolium Based Lithium Grease

Super Lube® Grease appears translucent and smooth.

No distortiuon of  movement. Bearings rotaes smoothly.

Grease appears dirty and gummy.
Contamination and rust are visable.

Difficult to rotate and beginning to seize.

As technology progresses, lubricants are subjected to greater extremes in operating speeds and temperature range.
Super Lube® Synthetic Lubricants are designed for these applications.

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