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Proud Sponsor of AAC Team Canada
Vet Therapy

Therapeutic Calf Coats

Our coats are manufactured from breathable waterproof 600D Oxford with 280D FIR FLEECE. They offer excellent moisture wicking as well as insulating properties.
Benefits of Vet Therapy FIR FLEECE Calf Coats
  • FIR FLEECE natural warming lining generates heat raising tissue temperatures
  • Helps reduce feed and bedding costs, reliance on medication and offers protection against pneumonia and scours
  • Increases circulation and oxygen levels
  • Improves muscle tone and strength
  • Helps keep the calf in the thermoneutral zone
  • Helps reduce lactic and fatty acid build up
  • our FIR FLEECE is hydrophobic and retains less than 1% water
  • Our 280D FIR-FLEECE offers excellent moisture wicking and insulating properties
  • Our FIR FLEECE has the same carbon foot print as wool but with greater durability
  • Reduces odors

Small Calf Coat (Jersey)
Therapeutic Calf Coat Small
$79.95 CAD
Large Calf Coat (Holstein)
Therapeutic Calf Coat Large
$79.95 CAD