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Portable, Lightweight, Safe, and Secure Aluminum Pet Enclosures & Car Crates

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Secure Aluminum Pet Crates, Enclosures, Room Dividers, & Pet Gates are the Safe, Sturdy, Scratch,
and Rust Resistant Way to Contain and Transport your Pets

 Cool Runners Secure Aluminum

Pet Car Crates

Cool Runners Secure Aluminum

Pet Enclosures
  • Sturdy Reliable Locking Mechanism with Keys
  • Includes All Tools, Hardware, & Rubber Mats
  • Constructed With 4mm Thick Aluminum Composite Panels
  • Provides Superior Strength and Scratch Resistance
  • Easy to Assemble with Premounted Doors, Front & Sides
  • Great For Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Cool Runners Pet Enclosures are Lightweight, Portable, & Versatile
  • Great For Dog Sports, Camping, & Visiting
  • Ideal as a Pet Barrier or as Temporary Fencing
  • Meets Government Specifications For Child Safety
  • Includes a Sturdy and Reliable Locking Mechanism
Cool Runners Room Dividers
Cool Runners Secure Aluminum
Room Dividers
Cool Runners Pet Gates
Cool Runners Secure Aluminum
Pet Gates